“It’s perfect. Easy to install and looks great. Now that my jewelry is easy to access, I’m wearing way more jewelry because it’s so easy to pick out. I’m also realizing what jewelry I never wear. I recommend setting this up right next to a mirror as I find myself trying on a couple of different necklaces and it’s perfect that it’s literally right next to my mirror.” -Kristy

“Love, love, love my new organizer! Recently remodeled my bedroom and this has been a perfect addition. I was extremely excited about this purchase. And I love to just look at it and see all my jewelry which helps me not to overlook any pieces! Highly recommend!” -Sabrina

“Bought this for my daughter to keep all of her jewelry organized. This came securely packaged and all I had to do was unwrap the bar and set it in the hooks. The rest was preassembled. The quality is fantastic and it is sooo cute. My favorite part was actually the seller. I received an email directly from her letting me know it shipped and had tracking on it and then another email a few days later making sure I loved it. Great customer service is always a giant bonus!” -Alison

“I love this jewelry organizer! It is very simple but provides so much space and lets you keep everything easy to see. I love it so much that after purchasing my first one I went back and purchased a second! They look so beautiful with my jewelry on it. I use the shelf to sit my ring on and it keeps my sets together so they’re easy to see. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with this purchase!” -Theresa


“Attractive and functional. I use the rack to hold my essential oils and several people have commented how pretty the rack is. Since I live in an apartment I have hung it when “Command” hooks so no damage to the rented walls. It is lighter than I expected.” -Windy

“My boyfriend always jokes that I’m very clean and organized when it come to everything in my life EXCEPT my nail polish bottles. I have about 40 of them in a drawer. I figured it was about time to get an organizer. I looked online for a cute one. I saw a bunch of them that looked gigantic. I found this one and thought it was the perfect size. It fits perfect on my side bathroom wall. I can put all 40 of my bottles in it. I organized them by color and finish. I love it.” -Casey

“I bought two and placed them on my living room wall. Not only do they hold my oils, but they are so decorative. I love these displays. I’m going to buy two more to place in our bedrooms to hold extra oils and oils that we use in those rooms at night while sleeping.” -Mary

“This is perfect for holding my essential oils. I keep the bottles I use most often on this pretty display shelf above my diffuser. It’s easier than having to pull out my heavy wooden organizer box every day.”-Gram


How many necklaces can fit on one hook?
Two necklaces can easily on one hook, but this is very dependent on how thick the chains of the necklace are. If you need more space on your Jewelry Organizer, please look for our newest product The Deluxe Large Jewelry Organizer which has twice as many necklace hooks!

What are the dimensions?
The outside is 17 inches wide and 13 inches tall. The shelf sticks out about 3 inches. There are 16 hooks at the bottom.

Is the bar for the bracelets removable?
I have many bracelets that just slip over my wrist with no clasp to open and close.
Yes, the bracelet bar is removable just for that very purpose!

Does this only hold Fish Hook type earrings?
Yes, the mesh only holds Fish Hook type earrings. However, stud earrings can fit perfectly on the shelf of the jewelry organizer. Please see our Deluxe Large Jewelry Organizer for the cork board area! The cork board securely organizes all stud earrings.

Can this be hung on command hooks?
Great question! Small Command Hooks work really well, especially the ones that can hold up to 3 pounds. There are sawtooth hangers on the back of the organizer to make it easy to hang and center. This is very dependent on how much jewelry and accessories you put on the jewelry organizer.

What kind of screws does this product need?
There are two sawtooth hangers on the back of the organizer to make it easy to hang and center. The box includes two basic screws and drywall anchors. That should be all you need to hang the organizer securely to your wall.


Approximately how many essential oil bottles will this hold?
It will hold about 50 5mL bottles or 30 15mL bottles.

Can the organizer hold both standard size nail polish bottles AND essential oil bottles?
Of course! It is multi-functional.